Terms & Conditions

Area of agreement

The following business terms and conditions constitute the only basis for all our products and services we offer. They are applicable in the version valid at the point of time of the order. We do not recognize deviating business terms and conditions of the customer unless we explicitly agree upon their validity in writing.


We gladly take your orders

- via our webshop www.pacemedi.com
- written by email to service@pacemedi.com
- to our number +49 (0) 0931 – 411500
- written by post to the following address:


Sedanstraße 3

97082 Würzburg, Germany


Completion of the contract

Your order constitutes your offer to us to complete a sales contract eventually. Upon receipt of your order you will receive an official confirmation of order. This brings about the completion of the sales contract.

Released documents or records

We reserve any proprietary rights and any copy-rights of all released documents to the purchaser as for instance any drafts, concepts, blue prints or other pictured illustrations which are in connection with the ordering. These documents and records must not be made accessible to a third party unless we grant our explicit permission in written form to the purchaser.

Prices, payments, terms of delivery

1)     The minimum order value is EUR 25,00..

2)     Prices quoted are without engagement. They include statutory 19% sales tax. Shipping costs will be charged separately.

3)     You may pay on advance payment, giorpay or via credit card. The required bank details will be stated on your invoice. Orders which will not be paid within 14 days will be cancelled.

4)     Our exclusive delivery partner is DHL respectively Deutsche Post AG. Please take the actual pricing terms from the listing under shipping and charges.

5)     All deliveries are executed from our business location in Limburg to the delivery address given by the customer.

6)     Delivery dates stated are without any obligation, however are tried to adhere to.

7)     In consultation with us you may also collect your order ex works.


Right of rescission

Please take any information referring to data protection out of the withdrawal box.

Reservation of proprietary rights

All goods delivered remain our property independently from the termination of the time-limit for retraction and until the complete settlement of all claims which exist against the customer and which have arisen from this business connection.

Right of summation and of retention

You will only be entitled to the right of summation if your counterclaims are uncontradicted, indisputable or confirmed legally. You as the orderer exercising a right of retention are only legitimated as far as your counterclaim rests on the same contractual relationship.


1)     As a user you are obliged to check received goods for obvious defects or errors immediately. Should you detect any errors you need to register your possible complaint to the aforementioned address in written form within a ten-day period. If you fail to do so, you are denied to assert any warranty claims in consequence of these defects or errors.

2)     Should despite all the care taken the delivered goods show a deficiency which has already been into being by the time of passing of risk we will under reserve of claims at due date and up to our choice either repair the goods or deliver replacement. At all times we are to be given opportunity for supplementary performance within an appropriate deadline. We bear the costs of the supplementary performance. Claims of recourses remain untouched from the abovementioned regulation without limitation.

3)     Should we fail the amendment you have the choice between the right of rescission of the sales contract and the right of a price reduction.

4)     Claim for defects do not exist in case of

         o  only insignificant deviation from the state agreed upon

         o  insignificant negative impacts of the usability

         o  natural wear and tear or wastage due to damages which arise after the passing of risk in consequence of faulty or neglected treatment, unduly heavy duty or on account of particular exterior influences which are not to be assumed according to the contract. If the orderer or a third party carries out any improper reinstatement works, repairs or modifications, all claims for defects which result out of these and its possible consequences will be denied.

Data privacy

Please take any information referring to data protection out of the privacy notice box.

Applicable law

1)     This contract and the entire legal relationships of the parties are subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany free from the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. (CISG)

2)     The place of performance and place of jurisdiction is Limburg / Lahn, relevant for all disputes which may result from this contract as long as it is not noted in your order confirmation any differently.

3)     All agreements which are made between the parties for the purpose of the execution of this contract are put down into writing in this contract.

4)     Should single terms of this contract be already non-effective or become non-effective in future or contain a blank gap or breach, all residual terms remain untouched of that. In place of the non-effective term both parties commit oneself to come to an arrangement which is totally permitted by law and finally comes closest to the economical purpose of the non-effective term respectively fills the gap or breach.